Client: U.S. Navy
Category: Defense
Start Date: Oct. 1, 2019
End Date: Sept. 30, 2024

The work performed for this customer is in support of Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center Information Technology (IT) systems in the areas of Cybersecurity (CS), Information Assurance (IA), and NIST RMF Assessment and Authorization (A and A). The scope of responsibility includes Nimitz Maritime Intelligence Enterprise (MIE) systems, as well as any partner systems and supporting systems or infrastructure upon which Nimitz has critical dependencies.

CS/IA required work includes system protection, employment of information assurance principles, and any required actions required to address computer events/alerts, threats and vulnerabilities impacting system/network operations, data integrity and security posture. Support also includes assessments that increase capacity, strengthen security, improve reliability and maintainability and support deployment of applications to additional networks. All work is at the TS/SCI level by certified Navy Qualified Validators (NQVs).

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