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Critical WebKit Vulnerabilities Patched in Latest Apple Updates

Posted on 04 Dec 2023

Two significant vulnerabilities have been identified in the WebKit web browser engine, impacting a range of Apple devices and operating systems. These vulnerabilities are critical and require immediate attention. Apple has acknowledged these vulnerabilities and released updates for a range of devices. Users are urged to update their devices to the latest versions as soon ...

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U.S. Sanctions Target Kimsuky: A Strategic Move in Cybersecurity Against the DPRK

Posted on 01 Dec 2023

On Thursday, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced sanctions against the North Korean-affiliated group Kimsuky, along with eight international agents accused of aiding in evading sanctions. These sanctions, imposed against the North Korean cyberespionage group, (which is also known as APT43) mark a significant step in ...

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Netizen Cybersecurity Bulletin (November 30th, 2023)

Posted on 30 Nov 2023

Overview: Phish Tale of the Week Often times phishing campaigns, created by malicious actors, target users by utilizing social engineering. For example, in this text message, the actors are appearing as Royal Mail, a courier service, and informing you that action needs to be taken regarding your package’s delivery. The message politely explains that “RoyalMail” ...

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Telekopye: Decoding Online Marketplace Scams

Posted on 29 Nov 2023

Functioning as a Telegram bot-based toolkit, Telekopye, an e-commerce threat vector, streamlines the execution of advanced phishing operations. It enables perpetrators, referred to as ‘Neanderthals’, to deploy a range of tactics including spear-phishing through crafted HTML pages, domain spoofing, and social engineering via SMS and email phishing campaigns. This toolkit marks a significant escalation in ...

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Netizen: November Vulnerability Review

Posted on 27 Nov 2023

Security vulnerabilities are a common occurrence in managing any business’s organizational security. The prompt patching and remediation of any new vulnerabilities are critical to reducing the outside attack surface. Netizen’s Security Operations Center (SOC) has compiled five vulnerabilities from November that should be immediately patched or addressed if present in your environment. Detailed writeups are ...

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