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China-Linked Velvet Ant Uses F5 BIG-IP Malware in Cyber Espionage Campaign

Posted on 21 Jun 2024

Velvet Ant, a Chinese cyberespionage group, used custom malware to target F5 BIG-IP appliances in a campaign aiming to breach and persist within networks. They accessed internal servers, deployed remote access tools, and maintained access for three years. To mitigate such attacks, organizations should limit outbound internet traffic, restrict lateral movement, and enhance security hardening of legacy servers. The campaign emphasizes the importance of securing legacy systems and implementing robust monitoring and response strategies to detect and mitigate advanced persistent threats. Netizen offers advanced solutions and security-related services to protect critical IT infrastructure and address vulnerabilities within networks. ...

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Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, June 2024: ‘Recall’ Edition

Posted on 18 Jun 2024

Microsoft released updates for over 50 security vulnerabilities in Windows and related software, addressing a relatively light Patch Tuesday. They also disabled the controversial Recall feature on Copilot+ PCs after criticism of it being a sophisticated keylogger. Critical vulnerabilities include a Microsoft Message Queuing flaw and a Windows Wi-Fi Driver flaw. Additionally, Adobe released security updates. ...

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Sophisticated Smishing Scheme Utilizing Makeshift Cellphone Tower Uncovered in London

Posted on 19 Jun 2024

London authorities recently uncovered a sophisticated smishing scheme using a makeshift cellphone tower to send malicious text messages, marking an alarming escalation in digital fraud. Two arrests have been made, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts to combat cybercrime. Public vigilance and proactive measures are urged, such as avoiding clicking links and reporting suspicious messages. ...

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What is the Value of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)?

Posted on 20 Jun 2024

In today's tech-driven business landscape, cybersecurity is paramount. A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) plays a crucial role in managing and enhancing an organization's cybersecurity program, offering expertise without the need for a full-time, on-site CISO. Their cost-effectiveness and flexibility make them vital for businesses of all sizes, especially in the face of growing cyber threats and evolving regulations. ...

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DoD Unveils CMMC 2.0: Streamlining Cybersecurity Compliance for Defense Contractors

Posted on 12 Jun 2024

The Department of Defense (DoD) is poised to launch the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) version 2.0 by early 2025, a significant upgrade aimed at fortifying the cybersecurity defenses of the defense industrial base while addressing criticisms leveled at the original CMMC 1.0. Streamlining Cybersecurity Requirements The CMMC 2.0 initiative introduces a streamlined, three-tiered certification ...

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