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The Issue With Cloud Databases

Posted on 24 Aug 2020

Minimize your risk and assume the worst when considering your exposed data. Consider what the likelihood and impacts of the loss of your data would be, and implement security controls in accordance with that level of risk.

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The Key to Compliance: Vulnerability Assessments

Posted on 08 Jul 2020

Routine vulnerability assessments evaluate what risks and threats exist for your business systems, assign severity levels to them, and ultimately recommend modifications or countermeasures to minimize the risk of a breach.

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Prepare Your Company For CMMC

Posted on 05 Jun 2020

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) was created by the Department of Defense (DoD) in order to put a cybersecurity assessment model and certification program in place.

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Is your company prepared for the great remote work experiment?

Posted on 17 Mar 2020

Remote work is here to stay and, as the most recent COVID-19 pandemic declaration is beginning to demonstrate, it can be a highly effective disaster mitigation and recovery strategy when implemented properly. However, too many companies and other organizations have been caught unprepared technologically, and attackers have been waiting for just such an opportunity to

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CyberSecure Solutions Security Bulletin (September 4, 2019)

Posted on 04 Sep 2019

Overview Phish Tale of the Week Google Discovers Mass iPhone Hacking Hacking Group Targets WordPress Vulnerabilities How Can Netizen/CyberSecure Solutions help?  Phish Tale of the Week Phishing is a type of online scam where criminals send an email that appears to be from a legitimate source such as a company or a doctor’s office and

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