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Organizations today are utterly overwhelmed with the ever increasing cost and complexity of cyber security management and monitoring tools, yet these functions are crucial to ensuring the continuity of business operations and compliance with regulatory requirements. In response, Netizen has developed an integrated, readily-deployable suite of tools that comprises an automated “Security Operations Center (SOC) in a Box” solution. In this white paper you will learn about its components, setup, and architecture as well as tips for maintaining compliance and developing required documentation.

The Netizen SOC-in-a-Box solution is based upon the mantra of a “risk-based/cost-effective” approach to Cyber Security Operations. From a cost/benefit perspective, it doesn’t make sense to spend more to secure an asset than the value of the data housed in the asset is worth. Netizen leverages an integrated mix of customized enterprise-grade (and government approved) open source and proprietary tools which are all proven to significantly reduce risk and enhance security while being very cost effective

We have enhanced these tools with features such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that extend their usefulness to meet and exceed the needs of our customers without "breaking the bank" on cost. The products and solutions in this white paper are also entirely “boundary friendly” which enables customers to offload certain monitoring and analysis tasks while maintaining their most sensitive data in-house (within system boundaries).

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