The Issue With Cloud Databases

A database left exposed and unsecured to the public is essentially begging for a cyberattack. Your vital data is now on the cloud, accessible to anyone, and wide open to attackers who will see it as a golden opportunity to siphon sensitive customer data from you. In a world where the average total cost of a data breach is $3.92 million and the average cost per lost or stolen record is $242, this isn’t something businesses should take lightly. 

Look at the data

Cybersecurity experts from Comparitech created a simulation of a database on a cloud server in which data is often stored on. They left it exposed and wanted to detect how long it would take for hackers to connect to it, steal from it, or destroy the data. They found 175 attacks beginning just 8 hours after deployment. The study accounted for an average of about 18 attacks per day. 

Yes, it was just that easy for hackers to locate and retrieve important data from an exposed and improperly security cloud-based database. Data from Varonis shows that on average only 5% of a company’s folders and file storage systems, including those hosted on cloud-based services, are adequately protected. Don’t be a part of the 95% left exposed to the fast-paced world of cyberattacks and hacks.  

The solution

Minimize your risk and assume the worst when considering your exposed data. Consider what the likelihood and impacts of the loss of your data would be, and implement security controls in accordance with that level of risk. Security controls such as this may include access restrictions, cryptographically secured network connections, password policies, and other measures that, when combined, significantly lower the risk of a breach.

Also, when leveraging cloud-based resources, security is often not implemented by default. Lock down access to your databases, systems, and files by creating virtual private networks, requiring proper authentication (such as an encryption key) for access, and implement traffic filtering security policies on your cloud networks to block traffic from non-approved locations and devices. Cloud service providers offer an array of tools to create, audit, and update permissions for specific cloud resources, though they are not always intuitive or easy to use, which leads to a lot of mistakes and major breaches.

Statistics show that 24% of data breaches are caused by human error, such as a misconfiguration or other mistake. This can be avoidable by ensuring your data is stored safely and securely, regardless of where it rests. Netizen reduces the risk of a breach by providing an expertly-trained set of eyes on the situation at hand and by implementing risk-based, cost-effective monitoring software, including the award-winning Overwatch Governance Suite, and other security controls and solutions that don’t impede your daily operations or break the bank. Our CyberSecure Solutions take the pervasive fear of cyberattacks out of the equation, allowing business owners to sleep better knowing the state of their security and risk profile. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and discover the value we can provide your organization.

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