Assess And Monitor Your Cyber Defenses

Our certified team of assessors conduct a thorough scan of your networks and systems using a variety of software that we provide and configure to your unique environment and specifications. Our team can also audit your processes, documentation, and staff training to determine degrees of compliance and risk as well as perform "table top" exercises to assess how your staff respond to a simulated cyber attack.

Our experts then produce a detailed report and review the details of the report in-person or virtually and provide a list of findings and issues from most to least critical based on your risk profile and budget following our "Risk Based/Cost Effective" methodology.

After your initial assessment is completed, a scheduled scan service can be left in place with our Overwatch Governance Suite (OGS) product. Ongoing risk, threat, compliance, and vulnerability tracking data is populated in a customized dashboard designed to provide easy-to-interpret vulnerability and risk data for all manner of audiences ranging from IT professionals to executive managers.

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
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