Netizen provides solutions to secure the nation's critical supply chains by specializing in Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) following industry best practices such as NIST SCRM and CMMC guidance. Our solutions in this area also include acquisition support to ensure the compliance of any current or potential vendors. Our cyber SCRM support includes planning, audits, assessments, and advisory for all of types of critical supply chain operations.

In particular, our supply chain cyber risk and vulnerability assessments will determine gaps in your vendor security or supply chain threats which could make you subject to cyber attacks or industrial espionage (i.e. the theft of intellectual property). Our ongoing security monitoring solutions can then audit and maintain the compliance of your critical vendors on a continuous basis.

The increasing complexity and globalization of supply chains requires Netizen's specialized expertise to ensure the initial and ongoing security and compliance for your supply chain vendors and operations. Netizen also provides training and webinars for industry groups, such as the Institute for Supply Management, on a variety of Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management topics. To view a recent session on this topic, browse our YouTube channel or click here to watch the video.

Our SCRM customers include:
  • - Logistics and transportation organizations
  • - Shipping companies
  • - Telecommunications companies
  • - Information Technology companies
  • - Hardware and software vendors
  • - Manufacturers
  • - Government agencies
  • - The U.S. military
  • - Defense and federal government contractors
  • And more...
  • Logistics plane ship and truck

How secure is your supply chain? Contact us to schedule an assessment and find out.

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